Colors 1.4 for After-Effects

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Colors 1.4 for After-Effects

Good Boy Ninja
32 ratings

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Adobe shipped After-Effects without a color manager, and you are still using the swatches in the "Character" panel as a walkaround. Creating a place that stores all your colors would be one thing, but why stop there?

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V 1.4

  • Colors now creates shape-layers by default instead of solids for a cleaner project file (change this to your liking from the settings panel)
  • Colors just got better at keeping your project panel clean by putting any additional items it may create inside a dedicated folder
  • Gradients can now be applied directly to selected layers, instead of creating a new one.
  • Better naming conventions for presets

V 1.31

  • Updated licensing system in response to recent Gumroad changes. This update is recommended for everyone.
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V 1.3 Change Log:

  • Fix for a bug where the editor would disappear after changing a color slot on MacOS
  • Increased color accuracy when saving palettes to your library

V 1.222 Change Log:

  • Fixes a bug with Ae 2023 which caused After-Effects to display an error on startup when Colors is docked.
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Colors / Script for Adobe After-Effects

After Effects
CC 2019 or later
Expression Engine
JavaScript Engine
System Requirements
Windows (10 or later recommended) / MacOS


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