Noodle 2.22 for Adobe After Effects

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Noodle 2.22 for Adobe After Effects

Good Boy Ninja
54 ratings

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Noodle helps you create secondary motions without needing to keyframe them manually.  you can Noodle a child relative to the motion of its parent, Noodle a path for soft-body-like physics with a per-point control, and even Noodle puppet pins to make images bend squash, and stretch as they move around.

The Noodle World awaits. Here everything wobbles. Here stiffness is a myth ⊹╰(⌣ʟ⌣)╯⊹
Learn More: http://goodboy.ninja/noodle
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V 2.22 Change Log:

  • Updated licensing system in response to recent Gumroad changes. This update is recommended for everyone.
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Noodle / Script for Adobe After-Effects

After Effects
CC 2019 or later
Expression Engine
JavaScript Engine Only
System Requirements
Windows (10 or later recommended) / MacOS


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